Barcelona Commercial Footprints

Project exposed at the Big Bang Data exhibition (CCCB, Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona).
The project was made for the Innova Big Data Challenge contest. BBVA bank offered an API to gather data over a period of 6 months, for the areas of Barcelona and Madrid. The data contains info about purchases, commercial classifications, customer’s data (age, gender, spending, etc…), in general, data regarding customers and its purchasing habits.

The project is an interactive Data Visualization to explore purchases made by customers of BBVA Bank, classified by the customer’s origin. The visualization shows distances of the customer based on its postal code, so we can see which zones have customers from the city itself and which zones have customers coming from outside the city. As the purpose of a visualization is to give answers to specific questions, here the target is to offer insight about which zones of the city attract customers from the city itself and which zones are a preferred option from people coming from outside the city.

Data Visualization of migration flows


Project awarded with a 2nd price in Data Visualization category at the Innova Data International challenge, whose first edition focuses on journalists and developers. The aim is to reward the best visualizations and the best unpublished articles or reports based on the visualization of a set of data from various sources. The data was extracted from the Spanish National Statistic Institute, showing the migration behaviour in Spain during 2010 and 2011.


Project for the Postgraduate in Information Visualization 2012


The challenge was to work with a huge dataset of the sales from an important catalan company from the optical market and to present them a new way to represent graphically its data. The goal was to find and represent useful information from the dataset so data was deeply analized and an interactive dashboard was created offering new insights and patterns which were imposible to obtain from the original dataset.

You can find the project’s blog (in Spanish) here.
And the interactive application here.


3D Perceptual Interface with openCV


A perceptual interface over a 3d world using face recognition and the subsequent tracking and analysis of the movements done by the user.

The main task is aimed to have control over the user’s head movements and manage these movements as a way to operate with an interface, in our case, a three-dimensional world provided with a basic collision system.


Road traffic mortality in Spain

Road traffic mortality in Spain

Infographic created as a result of playing some hours with R and its plotting capabilities.

You can see the inforgraphic here.
And how was built here.





Just-for-fun project built with the design studio Makkao and shown at OFFF Barcelona (Internation Festival for the Post-Creation Digital Culture).

Visitors to the festival were invited to make a drawing that would become part of a mosaic composed of all drawings made during the festival.


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