My name is Xavi Gimenez. I was born on 12 July 1978 and I live and work in Barcelona, Spain.

Graduated as Multimedia Engineer at La Salle and with a Postgraduate in Data Visualization at UPF, I ‘m interested in the junction of code and creativity. I’ve been developing and managing interactive projects the last 10 years, and lately I have a growing interest in anything related to data visualization (there is a lot of data out there and also plenty of ways to communicate ideas through these data).

The idea behind this blog is to give me a kick to finish and show some projects and ideas that otherwise never come to light. Of course, all of us see interesting things in our daily life, so I’ll post here anything I consider worth to be shared.

You can contact me at Welcome!

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Data Visualization · Interactive · HCI · Open Data · Data Science · Digital Humanities

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