Another Data Visualization project made for another challenge, this time was the Innova Challenge Bidg Data, where the BBVA bank opened its real trade data for the first time in history.

The open API included the following features:

  • Purchases made between 2012 and April 2013.
  • Data generated in Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Demographic origin, age, gender of customers.
  • The data will be shown aggregated by weeks, months and half-years.
  • Daily patterns of behavior will be available every week broken down by hours.
  • Spending category: travel, food, hypermarkets, hotels, real estate, automation, bars and restaurants, personal care, sports and toys, technology, home, content, fashion, leisure, health and transport.
  • No information will be provided related to spending amounts or intervals.

The project is an interactive Data Visualization to explore purchases made by customers of BBVA Bank, classified by the customer’s origin. The visualization shows distances of the customer based on its postal code, so we can see which zones have customers from the city itself and which zones have customers coming from outside the city.

As the purpose of a visualization is to give answers to specific questions, here the target is to offer insight about which zones of the city attract customers from the city itself and which zones are a preferred option from people coming from outside the city. Also clicking on any of the geographic cells of the city you can view the relationship between expenditures and traveled distances of the customers, so you can get and idea of which areas generate more or less consumption depending on the origin of the customers.

The project was built in python (API communication and data gathering and transform) and javascript using D3.js and three.js.

Website of the project:
Barcelona Commercial Footprints

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