Packt Publishing contacted me to write a little review about its new book about OpenRefine. After giving me an e-copy of the book, I consider the book a good demonstration of what you can do with this software, and is a good resource to have it as a reference. For completeness, here it goes the review I added on Amazon:
openRefineBookCover“Good book about OpenRefine, readable as well and technically accurate. The provided dataset is also useful and it serves as a good example of what one can find in the real world.

For non-technical users and those not used to work with data, the book helps with the steep learning curve that one can face with OpenRefine. For users that already work with data in his daily work, is a good chance to introduce OpenRefine to their data processing pipeline.

The book and all its recipes covers all the basic (and not so basic) topics of OpenRefine, so gives to the user a good knowledge of what can be accomplished with the software. After covering all the essential topics, also offers a detailed introduction to the Regular Expressions and GREL, which improves exponentially the user’s hability to work with data. Good complement to the existing OpenRefine resources that already exist on the net.”

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