I’ve been awarded with a second place in the Internation Challenge Innovada, in the Data Visualization category.

This international challenge focuses on journalists and developers and the aim is to reward the best visualizations and the best unpublished articles or reports based on the visualization of a set of data from various sources. Projects taking part in this competition will supply value in terms of information from constructive viewpoint of society and our environment.

For the competition, I developed an Interactive Data Visualization to show the migration flows in Spain. Here below the link with info about the project (spanish website):

Interactive Data Visualization: Migration flows in Spain

and here a video showing the application:

The application was developed using Processing, Unfolding Maps, Google Refine and the Geocoding API by Google. The data was obtained from the National Institute of Statistics of Spain.

The source code of the project is available in github. Check it out here or here.

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