I’ve published a project made some time ago but I think is worth to make it public. The motivation of this project is the emergence of devices such as Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Kinect, etc… which use new ways to interact with the user. No more keyboards and mouses… with this new stuff we can interact with them without touching anything at all. It’s really awesome!

So I made my own approach by creating a prototype which consists of a 3D world with a first-person perspective where you can walk through by using the head only. Your head’s movements are translated into movements in the 3D world so you can go forward and backward, sidestepping, look around, etc…

Here you can see the results:

The software was built mainly with openCV and openGL and it uses some of the most popular algorithms of Image Processing and Computer Vision.

You can see more info of the project and how was made here:
Creating a 3D Perceptual Interface with OpenGL and OpenCV

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