Lately I’m pleasantly surprised due to two great initiatives which demonstrate the interest that has Catalunya for the world of the open data and the data visualization.

The first one demonstrates how the catalan government is sensible about the value of providing data to the general public, businesses and other organisations so they would be able to re-use public sector data and create value.

The second one is from my point of view such an awesome project that needs an entire post but for the moment, remember that name and its concept: Impure, a visual programming interface designed to give non-programmers access to professional tools for data visualization. Users can use it to process and display data from social media feeds, financial information and more, click here now to learn more.

Let’s go back to the first initiative:

Government of Catalonia Open Data Project

Government of Catalonia Open Data Project
The government of Catalonia has launched Gencat Open Data, an open government data portal where information of a public nature is published with the goal of fostering the use and reuse of information that comes from the administration. This portal groups together all the Government’s open data initiatives into a single catalogue, and adds the most important information associated with them for reuse purposes.

The offered data set comprises the database of the 26,000 official facilities of Catalonia, the 1,400 procedures handled in the Government’s offices and some of its multimedia archives.

The catalogue is divided into this categories:

  • Administrative procedures and services
  • Statistical data
  • Geographic and cartographic data
  • Visual data
  • Language data
  • Weather data
  • News
  • Transport and mobility

Also delivers the data in different types of formats (doc, xls, shp, pdf, odf, csv, xml, tmx, json, rdf-xml, etc…). The data is available under 4 possible licences, among which two creative commons licences.

So, what can we do with this data? you can plug it to Impure!


Impure has been created by Bestiario, a Barcelona Spain based start-up, has been exploring and inventing new interactive visualization paradigms over the past 5 years.

Impure is a visual programming language aimed to gather, process and visualize information. With impure it is possible to obtain information from many different sources; from user owned data to diverse feeds in Internet, including social media data, real time or historical financial information, images, news, search queries and many more. It is a tool to be in touch with data around the Internet, to deeply understand it. Within a modular logic interface you can quickly link information to operators, controls and visualization methods, bringing all the power of the comprehension of information and knowledge to the non programmers that want to work with information in a professional way.

Among other possibilities, impure allows you to:

  • Easily read data from diverse sources and repositories
  • Load your own data locally or remotely
  • Visualize it in a wide range of ways (more than 100 visualization methods so far)
  • Process it, compare it, mix it, filter it, (more than 300 controls and operations so far)
  • Publish and share your projects

The application provides a set of examples to getting started, as well as good documentation and a wiki. Don’t forget to visit also its impure gallery’s photostream on flickr.

Definitively, a great tool built by the guys of Bestiario. Oh! did I mention that it’s built in flash? ;)

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