Today I’ve attended the MadeInFlex onsite IV, an event where some Adobe Platform evangelists have been talking about the last features of AIR 2.5, Flash Player 10.1 for Android, the integration between Flex 4 and Flash professional and other interesting stuff.

I’ve really got impressed about the posibilities that Flash and P2P can offer together. Specially interesting it has been the demo of Mark Doherty, showing how comunicate via p2p a laptop with an Android mobile device, using a second Android mobile device as a net access point. It was just a demo built with the AIR 2.5 beta but it shows what this technology can offer in reponse to other similiar technologies (the video chat FaceTime for Iphone). Mark shows this in a video on his Flash Mobile Blog.

P2P Video Demo – AIR2.5 on Android from Mark Doherty on Vimeo.

Another Adobe Platform evangelist, Tom Krcha, also has spoken about P2P and Flash, explaining what is peer-to-peer, differences from a centralized server-side model, using Stratus as a hosted rendezvous service, etc. Tom Krach’s blog contains tons of information and tutorials about these technologies and is a perfect starting point if you are interested in real time RIA’s.

Finally, Mihai Corlan have shown another nice example of what can be done using the peer to peer features. This time using several Android mobile phones to manage a desktop MP3 player.

Multi-screen apps for Android Phones and Desktops with Adobe AIR from Mihai Corlan on Vimeo.

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